"Music is the blood in my veins, its what gets my heart pumping....."

Zoe's music style varies from House/Funk/Latino/Techno to 'Old School'. Below are some of her recent Dj sets which exudes her own particular flavour in these genres.


'Techno for Love' brings you on a pulsating journey of high positive energy


A burst of sassy flavoured funk latino & house.......can you taste it?


She likes movement in her house sets bringing her auidence on a journey with different style elements within her set


Zoe's flavour of techno is full of energy, melody & rhythm

Old School Vinyl Mix

An energetic journey of pure nostalgia & joy,enjoy my trip back in time, mixed live with my original vinyls from back in the day 

Chilled Disco

Sooth your soul with this chilled disco mix from Zoe